Frequently Asked Questions


by Trainers and Owners of Education
and Training Institutions

Accreditation fees depend on the validity selected by the organization making the request. We offer one year for $1000, two years for $1500, and three years for $2000. The approval process takes from 10 to 15 working days from the date of filling out the accreditation application form and paying the accreditation fees.
Yes, as a training center, you can accredit your trainers after reviewing their files and according to the conditions for accrediting the trainers (see the Trainers Accreditation page)
Yes, you can approve any training program after reviewing it with our evaluation and accreditation department regarding objectives and outlines. Program and number of hours of training.
The bodies affiliated with the EMA grant 16 types of certificates. You can request the full fille of the names of the programs and certificates we issue, as well as the prices for each level and certificate.

UK Department of State – UK Department of Justice – UK Notary Public

* The value of the documents is added to the fees of the certificates and requires an additional time to receive up.

Certificates are issued and reach any country in less than four working days.
There are no scientific materials specified or approved by the group bodies / Yes, you can approve the scientific materials for your institution and your trainers through which you work, and they are approved after reviewing them and ensuring their validity.
Yes, shipping expenses are added to the value of certificate issuance fees and are borne by the training center or accredited trainer. There is also a 30% discount for electronic certificates from the original value of the certificates (Shipping expenses may vary from one shipment to another and vary from country to country).

Joint training programs can be held with the UK Institute of Professional Studies in any country (by contacting customer service – UK)

The exclusive agency facility is currently available in countries where we do not have offices or representatives. You must submit a plan and specify how many trainees you are projected to request certificates for. If approved by the department, you will be an exclusive agent.

Your organization or training center can be accredited by EMA. (Go to the accreditation page on our website, there you may find all the details, and you may register your organization’s data on the accreditation request within the website).