Training Accredation

What is meant by training accreditation?

Training accreditation is a quality assurance process in which a set of pre-assessment procedures are carried out by an external body (a third party) to determine whether the standards applied in the institution that provides training are met. If the standards are met, accreditation status is granted. This body consists of specialists who are there to determine the qualifications of the training operations, their suitability, and their degree, as well as the evaluation and verification of services and programs under international standards.

The application process depends on a series of assessments; for the training provider to obtain approval for accreditation, they must proceed with the formal assessment. This assessment aims to ensure the effectiveness of the approaches and methods used in the area in which the training is provided.

We have designed systems to provide accreditation to all training providers, such as institutes, colleges, universities, trade unions, or any entities that provide training for trainees or professionals in several fields where training providers and trainers seek to obtain the best internationally accredited certificates.

Benefits of accreditation?

Promote the professional, commercial, and personal value of employers and their employees.

Accreditation allows you to promote your business and services and puts you ahead of your competitors.

The accreditation qualifies you to request accredited certificates for the trainees after completing the training process.

Strengthens your business by earning a reputation as a trusted training provider engaged in quality training solutions.

It helps you reach new markets to increase your customers through new sales opportunities.

Allows you to participate in the implementation of international training programs.

Accreditation Procedures of EMA for Training Providers

1- Preliminary Discussion

When you write to us and register your interest in accreditation, the Customer Service Department Manager will contact you directly to discuss your needs and readiness to apply for accreditation.

2- Submission of the Initial Application

You must submit the online application through our official website at The questions in the application must be answered in full honesty, followed by a list of required documents that our team uses to verify the legal status of your organization, its credibility, reliability, and quality of service provided in your area.

3- Review the Application and Legal Documents

Within five working days of submitting your application and all supporting documents, one of our representatives will contact the training provider either to request additional documents or to obtain further clarifications regarding the training entity’s request for accreditation so that the training provider’s file is complete, and all supporting documents are attached to it.

4- Evaluation Committee

After verifying the application and the documents sent, the application and all documents will be transferred to the accreditation committee for evaluation and approval of the case and granting the initial accreditation status to the training provider. In the event of disagreement, you can reevaluate after completing the deficiencies, and you will be treated as a new submission.

5- Approval of Granting Accreditation Status

Upon receipt of the committee’s approval report, you will receive an official letter of approval. The accounting department will then send you an invoice that will be sent to your official email.

6- Accreditation Certificate and Memorandum of Understanding

After paying the agreed value of the accreditation and sending the relevant receipt, you will receive a congratulatory message for the accreditation sent to your e-mail with a scanned copy of the accreditation certificate attached as well as a memorandum of understanding that shows the instructions, regulations, obligations, and rights of both parties. It is signed and stamped by us; you must print it, sign it and seal it with the official seal of your institution and send a scanned copy to us to activate the work of this memorandum.

7- Audit

An accredited training provider complies with our standards and procedures to ensure consistent accreditation status. We will conduct anonymous checks on accredited training providers to verify that they provide the best training and development practices to maintain their accreditation status.

8- Re-Accreditation

After the end of the accreditation period, a renewal note will be sent, and you will be asked to confirm that the standards recognized by your evaluation have been maintained.